Massage Therapy

Full Body Relaxation Treatment - RWF 20,000/25,000 (60/90 Min)

Experience all benefits of Swedish massage and aromatherapy by using our nature essential oils. This therapy focuses on tight muscles and lymph drainage to improve body relaxation and rejuvenation.

Full Body Deep Tissue Treatment - RWF 25,000/30,000 (60/90 Min)

Inability to let go often expresses itself in the body. Therefore, this type of massage is performed with hands by stretching tight muscles and easing toxins arising from daily stresses. Forearms and Knuckling are deepening movements to manipulate deep layers of muscles and connective tissues.

Back, Shoulders and Neck Massage - RWF 15,000 (45 Min)

The most affective part with tiredness is our back. This treatment helps to release tension from our back resulting into deep body relaxation which may cause you to fall asleep.