Instructor Information

  • SHIMWA Claudia
  • Yoga Instructor

I have always had an attraction, I would even call it almost an “addiction” (in a good way), to challenges! By practicing yoga, I had an honor to get challenged in all the best ways possible: Physically,psychologically,emotionally and spiritually.There was no way I was going to keep that discovery for myself! I taught my first Baron Baptiste “Journey into power” class ,about a year ago after my 200 hours yoga teacher training in Nairobi with Africa Yoga Project. Since then, with my more experienced fellow yoga teachers help, my students and my own curiosity, my practice has evolved and still is evolving. I breath, non-resist and sweat much more than I used to when I first begun! You are in Kigali and you are willing to detox bad energy from your body, feel connected to your inner center, your breath and body in a challenging but safe class? All you have to do is show up in one of my classes! Give it a try! see if you like it! I hope to see a big smile on your face before and after our bow for NAMASTE to end the class. That is why I teach Yoga.

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